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Rivalry Week for the Black Knights

“The Army and the Navy are the best of friends in the world 364-1/2 days a year, but on one Saturday afternoon, we’re the worst of enemies.” – Dwight Eisenhower, former West Point football player and West Point Grad.

Although we may look at the Army VS. Navy as the Ultimate Rivalry, they truly do have a bond unlike any other. Its been said that the Army-Navy game isn’t like regular games, there is a different atmosphere about it. Its in these games where the service academies go head to head, where ALL of the participants are willing to sacrifice their lives for the audience.

Along with being a special game for the world to watch, its also a special game for the player. Of course the rivalry is apart of it, but during these games the Army and Navy program comes out with specialty uniforms. Used to exemplify a certain aspect of their school or branch. Since 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of World War One ending, Army has decided to honor the men of the 1st infantry division, or Big Red One, with their uniforms.  The uniforms colors and patches all resemble what soldiers would have worn in WW1. The Navy uniforms commemorate the mascot Bill the Goat.

From 2005-2015 Navy won the game, but in 2016 and 2017, Army has taken home the win. In 2016 they broke their losing streak, and in 2017 they kept the winning streak going. Which is what they will do again this year. Army currently has a record of 9-2 and Navy has a record of 3-9. Although the horrible season Navy is having, they will still pose challenges Army hasn’t faced yet. Army hasn’t played anybody who runs their flex bone offense, but Navy does. This could hurt Army in a big way.

Army has a dominant Offense, as we could tell through the past 11 games. For them the Navy defense shouldn’t much of a problem. Where this game will hurt them is defensively. With Navy running a flex-bone offense, the defense will have to adjust from playing the Air heavy, spread type offenses. The triple option will give them a tough time, distinguishing if its a QB run, FB run, or a pass play. Fortunately Army runs a flex-bone offense as well, so the Scout teams should be able to give their defense a great look.

Navy will have the same Challenges and more, their offense isn’t as dominant as the Army’s and their defense isn’t on the same level either. However, with the them running the same offense, and nearly the same defense they should be able to have a great look from their scout team. However, they game will probably come down to who plays special teams the best. Last year Army won 14-13, due to Navy missing a last second field goal, which would have won them the game. Their special teams are almost the same, one kicker isn’t better than the other. So this game will come down to two-point conversions and field goals.

I still believe that Army will take the win this game, but it will be a very close game. I predict the score to be 24-21.

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