What Is Going On?

We’ve had a loss for two weeks in a row. 2 WEEKS IN A ROW! What is going on? The first of the two week losing streak was against the the Bears. I gotta admit, the Bears have a solid defense, and it wasn’t much surprise they could shutdown our offense. So props to them. However, this week I’m ticked off about the way we played. It was against the Eagles, they are a moderate team, not a top tier team. There has to be some adjustments

First of all the offense. They did play better this week, but its not good enough. We saw more jet sweeps and screen pays this week than we ever had. Which is probably what killed us. Well, besides the offensive line. Center John Sullivan got destroyed by Eagles DT Fletcher Cox. Along with the offensive line being unable to set the edge on the outside. The inside run looked good. but it could have been better.

Fortunately this week we got a break. Beating the Cardinals 31-9. Aaron Donald broke the franchise sack record and the NFL DT sack record with 18.5 sacks. With one more game left of the regular season, he is sure to break the NFL sack record. Gurley was inactive due to an injury this past game, and we got to see C.J. Anderson make some plays. Anderson had 167 rushing yards and one touchdown this past game.

The Rams are sure to win out the rest of the season, since the only game they have left is the 49ners. If they win then they will end the regular season 13-3. The Rams have already made the playoffs, now its just time to win those games and get a superbowl win.

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