Baker and the Browns Cooking up Success with Kitchens at the Lead

The Browns have finally named their head coach of the future. If you didn’t follow the team last season, you may not see this as a great hire. However, any fan that followed the post-Hue Browns knows how great of a decision that John Dorsey made by promoting Freddie Kitchens to the HC position. Baker and Kitchens have an almost inexplainable chemistry that radiates to the whole offense.

The stats speak for themselves. Before Kitchens was named OC, Baker was 1-4 58.3% completion, and had a TD:Interception ratio of 8:6 and was sacked 20 times. Once Kitchens was brought up to the offensive coordinator spot those numbers improved markedly. 5-3 on 64% completion and a 19:8 TD:INT as well as only being sacked 5 times.

This move makes tons of sense from a chemistry perspective, and if they can continue the success that started this past season then Cleveland could be in for their first playoff season since 1994.

With this move, Greg Williams will not return to Cleveland under coach Kitchens. While he was able to lead the Browns to a wining record in his 8 games as the Interim HC, it is more important for the team to develop Baker going forward. I am interested to see who the Browns will bring in as the new DC. Though there have been no announcements for candidates from the team, there are a few former coaches to look out for such as Chuck Pagano, Vance Joseph, or Steve Wilkes. They all are looking for openings, and could be very good fits with the young Browns defense.

I’m interested to see who Kitchens/Dorsey bring in to work with Myles Garrett and the rest of the defense. Whoever they decide, I’m excited about the Kitchens hire and can’t wait to see this team in action come opening day.

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