Kliff Kingsbury Making Big Moves in First Week As Cards HC

Kliff Kingsbury was one of the most hotly recruited coaching candidates in the NFL and throughout the NCAA. This is somewhat odd because he had a rather dismal 35-40 record in his 6 seasons at Texas Tech. Granted, college is different for many reasons, especially recruiting, but how can we tell that Kingsbury will be a success at the next level.

Well it turns out, he is close friends (may or may not have spoken) with Sean Mcvay. The new thing in the NFL is that teams are trying to replicate the success that Mcvay has had with the Rams by bringing in anyone who has any similarity or connection with him in any way. I understand teams wanting to be the Rams, I mean they’re one of the best teams in the NFL but maybe, just maybe, there’s only one Sean Mcvay. Maybe, he’s the outlier, not the formula.

Either way, Kingsbury will be tasked with making the 1st overall pick in a draft that just keeps getting better. Kyler Murray announced that he will be entering the draft (no that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s picking football over baseball, but it is becoming more likely by the hour), and before he landed the Arizona job, Kingsbury was a HUGE fan of his. He spoke in an interview about how great of a talent that Murray is, and how he’s been following him since his sophomore year in High School. This leads some experts to believe that Kingsbury will either take Kyler #1 overall, or try to trade down into the 3-5 range so that they can get Murray and some late round picks.

You may be asking, “Didn’t the Cardinals draft Rosen to be their franchise QB just LAST YEAR?” And you’d be correct in that questioning. If the Cardinals were to do this, there’s not even a guarantee that Murray will choose the NFL over the MLB (though they will probably make sure that he’s all in before making the move). This leads me to my next question, where will Rosen end up?

To be 100% honest with you, I have no more information on this than anyone else. It feels as though the Jaguars would be a solid trade partner, having benched their starting QB midway through the year after multiple sub-par seasons. Rosen would have a clean slate, with Doug Marrone at the lead rather than a second straight rookie HC. I see the Jags giving up multiple picks to make this happen, and possibly even one of their many pass rushers in the deal.

Another option is the Giants. The reason that I don’t see a pick swap as well as additional compensation for Rosen in a potential Jags deal is that the Giants need a QB as badly, if not more than Jacksonville. Dwayne Haskins is a much better option for a franchise QB than Josh Rosen in my opinion, so unless for some reason NY doesn’t see the same as me, then I see Murray on the Cards, Haskins in NY and Rosen in Jacksonville.

Those picks are of course contingent on Murray going to the Cardinals, but with Kingsbury’s faith in Murray may override what many thought he would do with the 1 pick. I’m interested to see not only if the “Mcvay Experiment” works out for these teams, but also what Kingsbury and Kyler will decide when the draft occurs. Either way, things just got a lot more interesting in the NFL.

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