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What in the World is Going on in College Football?

This has been one of the craziest offseasons in college history football, and we’re less than 1 week removed from the National Championship beatdown. There has already been 1 major transfer and at least 2 more to come in the near future.

2 of the main characters on QB1: Beyond the Lights have been listed in the NCAA’s transfer portal. Justin Fields, the former 5 star recruit out of Kennesaw Georgia made his decision to be the next QB to start for The Ohio State University. This comes after a year of backing up fellow star Jake Fromm with no path to a starting job at the University of Georgia. He is technically the highest rated player ever “recruited” to tOSU, and will look to show what Georgia was unable to last season.

Unfortunately, in that span, he burned out a year of eligibility and will only have 3 seasons to lead the new day (pun intended) in Columbus. I see the Buckeyes reverting from the pro-style offense that they ran last season, and returning to the Terrell Pryor/Braxton Miller/J.T. Barrett style offense due to Fields’ dual threat ability. Day and his new staff will keep aspects that worked from last year’s dominant offense but add in the RPO’s that were impossible to run with Dwayne at the helm. Expect a huge next few years for the Buckeyes. Pair that with a mostly returning defense and I see them as contenders not only for a spot in the CFP, but as contenders to bring home their second championship since the new system was brought about.

With the news of Fields to OSU, the former QB in waiting Tate Martell has decided to enter the transfer portal. This is just weeks after he sent this cryptic subtweet in the direction of Fields, “Words of advice — don’t swing and miss … especially not your second time.”, as well as speaking publicly about his intentions of staying at tOSU and winning the starting job from Fields.

Nonetheless, Tate is a very solid QB, and will be a good long-term fit nearly anywhere that is lacking at the position. Two spots that are especially interesting to me are Oklahoma and Miami (FL). The Sooners just lost their Heisman QB to either the NFL or the MLB, and are in need of the next iteration to either Baker or Kyler. This would be a great fit for Martell. Very good arm, and can work well in the RPO offense. He’s not as athletic as Kyler, and may come behind in the passing and athleticism aspects when compared to the aforementioned QBs, but would be a 3 year starter in a high scoring conference. His fiery, Baker-esque personality is HUGE for a locker room, and paired with Lincoln Riley the Sooners could be VERY dangerous in the coming years.

Another landing spot is Miami. They are in a sort of rebuild, but with Tate the Canes could take care of the biggest gaping hole on their roster. The lack of solid QB play cost them more than once during last year’s disappointing run and Tate could have won them a few of those games. This is likely a less appealing spot for Martell, due to the lower likelihood of winning immediately. In another aspect however, if Tate could bring one of CFBs most iconic programs back into the spotlight than his draft stock and celebrity status will likely rise at an unparalleled state.

All in all, this is part of what college football is becoming less of a hobby and more of a business. Kids and schools alike must make the best decision to help them be successful, and as much as traditionalists may not like it, that will lead to more transfers. I for one like the mania, and am excited to see how the transfer QBs will do with their new schools. Man it’s great to be a sports fan!

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