Rams Ready to Run All Over Saints in NFC Championship

With a 13-3 season the Rams have been doing great. Now we are in the NFC Championship. The rematch for the ages. The Rams are headed to New Orleans to face the Saints. In week 9 the rams went up against the Saints in their house, and lost 35-45. Things are different now, and we are READY. Here are some things that are different:

  1. McVay is a better play caller now

During the first game there are very questionable calls that McVay called. He wasn’t utilizing the run game or screens as he should have been. However, last week he did. Especially with being able to have two dominant running backs in the back field.

2. CJ Anderson

Last week we saw what Anderson could really do. He plowed over the Cowboys Defense, literally. He had over 100 rushing yards, and had 2 touchdowns. McVay is now able to utilize 2 backs to keep them both at top performance. Anderson is the perfect compliment to this high octane offense.

3. The defense is better

This is probably the biggest change since week 9. The Rams defense has been adapting since then. They have been able to adapt to the run game, which is important against a team with a good back like Kamara. Just ask Zeke. Dante Fowler Jr. has is now a full time starter and an important player on the edge, which will be helping with the saints run and pass game. Finally, we also have Talib back. He may not be as good as he was, but he is still better than the rest of our Defensive Backs. He should be able to keep Micheal Thomas covered.

We saw in week 11 that the Rams could really compete, the Chiefs couldn’t handle our pounding offense. Now we also have a pounding defense to compliment our offense. During the week 9 game our offense wasn’t at its best, along with our defense. Now the Saints don’t know whats coming. We also have the best offensive line in the league, with their top interior guy out. We should be able to run all over them. Along with 3 of their starting offensive lineman are back off injury, and are not 100%. Although this will be a close game, and that’s where special teams come into play. The Rams special teams is better than the Saints special teams.

Again the game will be very, very, very close. The game will most likely come down to special teams. I predict the game to be 33-30 Rams winning.


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