Super Bowl Rams!

Despite your views on the game, you have to admit it was a good game. The Rams fought a tough fight against the Saints and won, 26-23. There are many key takeaways from this game. There is also some controversy as well.

First off, the Offense proved they are a well oiled machine. With the loud noise of the stadium, it was hard to get the plays to all the players. This lead to Jared Goff having to use hand signals, along with use Sean Mannions helmet. CJ Anderson got most of the touches on the ground, McVay decided to use the power back over the speed back for this game. Which payed off, we converted 3 downs multiple times due to Anderson being able to run over the Saints defense. Gurley still got some yardage, and a touch down. The rest of the offense did, as expected. Goff chose to target his tight ends the most, but Cooks ad Woods still got receptions.

The defense, played the way they needed to. The defensive line held off the run game, and put Brees out of the pocket at times. The corners were able to hold off the Saints elusive receivers at times. The Defensive line got pressure on Brees in OT and allowed our secondary to get a pick to help us get the win. Which brings me to my rant…. I mean my next point.

The blown “Pass Interference” Call. IT DID NOT COST THE SAINTS THE GAME! So all these saints fans need to stop crying about it. There was plenty of opportunity to take a larger lead before had. As well, the Saints should have keep it on the ground for the 1st down and run the clock, kick a FG and win. BUT THEY DIDN’T! Then they had a chance to win it in over time, BUT DIDN’T! I’ve seen the video it looks like Mark Baron tipped the ball, and it doesn’t look like Coleman hit him helmet to helmet. That is just what it looked like to me. They Saints had a bunch of calls against them that weren’t called. Anyways its over now, the Rams out played the Saints. We are in the Super Bowl.

Finally, our special teams. You have to love them. No matter who you root for, the Rams have an amazing ST. On a 4th Down Punter Johnny Hekker threw a 12 yard pass for a first down. Then 2 FG by Greg Zurlein to tie and win the game.

Over all the game was fun and stressful to watch. This week the Rams prepare for the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

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