The Lakers Can Be Contenders IF They Make This Move…

There was an absolute BOMBSHELL report that dropped this morning, coming out of Anthony Davis’ camp which stated that AD requested a trade from the NO Pelicans. Davis is still under contract until the summer of 2020, but he has informed the team that he has no intentions of signing the expected 5 year $240 Million Mega-Deal that would be offered at the end of this season.

Though they have no obligation to fulfill Davis’ trade request, as he is stuck in NOLA for at least 1 more season, I see a trade coming sooner rather than later. There are two clear contenders, and a couple more dark horses that may be pushing for one of the best players in the league.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the number 1 contenders to bring in AD, and for good reason. They have many young assets, whose value may be on the rise after some key young players were able to bolster their value in LeBron’s absence. The current rumors coming from NBA insiders reveal Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and either Kyle Kuzma or Ivica Zubac, as well as the Lakers 1st round pick in the 2019 draft. Though many LA fans would preferably like to hang on to Kuzma and Zubac, one will likely need to be added in to seal this deal.

In terms of what the Lakers would look like if this trade were to go through, multiple superstars have been rumored to be interested in LA with the addition of AD. The biggest of these names is Warriors star Klay Thompson. Thompson has been an integral part of the Warriors dynasty, and he has developed into a top player in this league. As a member of the ‘Splash Brothers’, he is obviously one of the best shooters in the NBA, but he is also one of, if not THE best defensive guard in the league.

Thompson is rumored to be eyeing LA if two things fall into place; 1. The Warriors do not offer him the Super-Max, and 2. The Lakers land AD. Those, while they may seem simple could be problematic for the Lakers. Insiders believe that Kevin Durant will be leaving this offseason, so Golden State will likely have enough cap space give Klay what he wants. Another is Kyrie Irving, which I wrote and article about earlier this week. If you want an in depth look into that situation, then click here, but a new development is that Kyrie and AD are more likely to team up in LA than they are in Boston.

Take this information as you will, but I believe that we will see Anthony Davis in a Lakers uniform sooner rather than later, and the same goes for Kyrie Irving. Good things are coming for Los Angeles, and if I were you, I’d hop on the bandwagon now before it’s too late.



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