Super Bowl LIII: Rams VS Patriots

We are here! After 18 years we finally made it back to a Super Bowl, and its crazier than ever. This Sunday will be the most stressful day of my life, and its totally worth it. The 13-3 Rams face the 11-5 Patriots in Atlanta. What needs to happen for the Rams to win the Super Bowl. Both the offense and defense have quite a few things to do.


  1. Sacks: The defensive line has to get past the Patriots offensive line. Now, getting to Brady and in his head would be great. The Patriots offensive line is a great unit. However, Donald and Suh don’t care. They have been breaking offensive lines all season.
  2. Stop the Run: Another key part of what the defense needs to do. However, I don’t have much doubt in my mind that they wont be able to do this. The Cowboys had a WAY better run game, and we held them to 47 rushing yards.
  3. Picks: Each year the Patriots have lost its been either because of sacks or picks. We have a good backfield, not a great one. We need to stop Gronkowski and Edelman. If we do that, who else will Brady go to. Amendola and Cooks are both no longer there. Of course, you cant count out Brady just being Brady.
  4. Turnovers: This goes hand in hand with sacks and picks. The more turnovers the better. Turnovers kill every team. It doesn’t matter who it is. We need to force punts. Plain and simple, don’t let them score.


  1. Run: The run game is essential. We have better backs and offensive line than the Patriots. Period. With Gurley and Anderson rotating we should be able to hit them hard. Gurley needs more carries too, he is a great back. He is dangerous when given open field, and our offensive line should be able to give it to them.
  2. Pass: The pass game is also a big part of our offense. Cooks and Woods are both great wide outs. Cooks knows the Patriots defense, so he should be a good weapon against them. Of course you cant forget about Higbee and Everett, both really good tight ends. They have been essential against our other opponents, and will be good against the Patriots. We also need more play action passes and screens. If done right, we could destroy their defense.

Special Teams:

We cant forget about them. The Rams have THE best special teams in the league. No doubt about it. Zurlein is a great kicker, and even better since he has good range. Hekker is also a great kicker, but in another sense. He can punt, to put us into a good field position. He also has an arm, well kind of. He can throw, last game we saw that he can. Threw a 12 yard 4th down conversion. This is one of the keys to beating the Patriots.

This is going to be one WILD game, and a close one too. I still have faith that the Rams will take the win, but only if we execute the way I know we can. We need to win all 3 phases of the game, we cant give up even one of those. We need to get stops and get touchdowns. There is no other option.

I predict the game to be close, Rams 30 Patriots 27

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