Rams Fall to Patriots in Super Bowl 53

Its been a rough week for me. Although the Rams did make it to the Super Bowl, they didn’t win. Despite the devastating loss, its good to know that we are one of the top teams in the NFL.

Super Bowl 53 at Atlanta, Georgia the Rams fell to the Patriots 13-3 in the lowest scoring and most boring Superbowl ever. The game was a very, very, very defensive game. Which is fun, but not the type of game you can win. Our offense was unable to get up on their feet, and the defense wasn’t able to hold them the whole game.

The offense played like crap. Plain and simple. We were unable to get anything rolling. Despite being told that Gurley is healthy and will be utilized more, he barely did anything. All our good offensive plays were runs, why couldn’t we stick with that. Gurley and Anderson are both great running backs, we should have used them more. We also need more play action and screen plays. They work everyone knows it. The Rams are good enough to use them. The offensive line, also played like crap. It wasn’t horrible, but its should have been better. I’m not sure what was wrong with Goff, but he certainly wasn’t himself. It might have been the pressure or he was just nervous. Either way there really inst an excuse. He is capable of better than what he showed Sunday. McVay wasn’t really the same either. Overall the offense just didn’t play the way they are capable of playing.

The defense is the total opposite. They played lights out. First drive of the first quarter we got an interception. Which kept the defense in the zone for the rest of the game. They were stopping the run and Gronkowski, which isn’t easy to do. The defense held the patriots to only 3 points in the first 3 quarters of the game. Unfortunately they cant keep up for the whole game, and let up 10 in the 4th quarter. Other than that they were amazing. It would have been nice if we were able to cover Edelman a bit better, but we cant get everything we want.

Special teams played well for the amount of time that they were actually on the field. There weren’t a lot of field goals, or extra points. There was one trick play on a punt, but that was killed by the Refs. Johnny Hekker recorded the farthest punt in Superbowl history at 65 yards.

The Superbowl wasn’t that great. McVay did take some of the blame. I’ve heard some people saying that we should fire McVay and get rid of Goff. They had one bad game, that’s no reason to get rid of them. McVay is a great coach, and Goff is a good quarterback. It was their first Superbowl ever, we need to let it go. Im not happy with the outcome either, but i’m happy that we made it. That’s all that matters at this point.

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