The AAF Has kicked Off

This weekend the Alliance of American Football kicked off. Saturday the new league held its first two games, with Sunday hosting the other two games. The league beat the NBA in TV ratings. So what is this new League?

The league is a spring/summer league for players trying to get into the NFL, think NBA G-League but for football. Its a 9 week season with, currently, 8 teams. The teams are split up into two conferences the western and eastern. Here are the games from this week:

San Diego Fleet : 6 San Antonio Commanders : 15

Atlanta Legends : Orlando Apollos : 40

Salt Lake Stallions : 22 Arizona Hotshots : 38

Memphis Express : 0 Birmingham Iron : 40

With the League there are also some new rules:

  • No Kickoffs
  • No Onsides instead teams can chose to convert a 4th and 12
  • 2 Point conversions only
  • No more than 5 players can rush, during a blitz

These rules make for a faster paced game. I would explain it as the tempo of high school football mixed with the talent of college football. They also are implementing a sky judge. The sky judge is in the booth reviewing every play to see if there was a missed call, and can call the missed penalty. It wouldn’t be surprising if some implements of the AAF make it into the NFL. Mainly just the Sky Judge, which would help keep the game fair. It might also lead the NFL to have a faster paced play style.

What are the Negatives of the AAF. Well, nothing really. Its fun to watch, and its great to have something on TV other than basketball. Currently the league has deals with CBS and NFL Network to live stream their games, it would be better to see it being showcased on Fox or ESPN in the future. The teams themselves are another thing too. I wish they had more teams in different areas. Currently they are only in the South West and South East. Being from Oklahoma myself, and with the other writers being from Arkansas and Ohio, It’d be great to see some teams in the Mid West and The North. Oklahoma City would be a great candidate, they have the population and the team wouldn’t interfere with the Cowboys and Chiefs fan base. This is the same for pretty much every larger city, that has a great population but not yet ready to take on an NFL team. Uniforms are another thing. They’re not that good. The Starter uniforms are just not going to cut it, of course they are a new league, it will be hard for them to get a better contract in their first year. Withing the next season or two they should try to get an Adidas or Under Armour contract. Nike of course wont take them since they are dealing with the NFL.

Finally, Just for your information, I will be routing for the Arizona Hotshots

Over all the league looks like it has a really good chance of surviving. They play fast and hit hard. Hopefully, in the next season or two they will expand to new cities and get newer, and better, contracts.


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