Has the Broncos QB Carousel Come To a Halt?

Ever since he was hired in 2011 by Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, John Elway has been questioned by Broncos fans. As one of the most successful and respected players to wear the orange and blue of the Denver Broncos, John Elway was expected to bring the same success to the organization that he had as a player. To this point that has not happened. Over his tenure within the front office of the Broncos, Elway has definitely had some huge successes though. He was able to sign Peyton Manning in free agency along with veteran talent in DeMarcus Ware and Aquib Talib. These signings led to not only one, but two super bowl appearances and one super bowl championship.

But almost humorously the position that has caused the most trouble for the Broncos ever since of the retirement of Peyton Manning has been their lack of presence at the quarterback position. A problem that confuses many Broncos fans because of the ability Elway had at the position throughout his career. Elway has missed on numerous occasions at the quarterback position. The downfall started when Elway and the Broncos front office offered an underwhelming deal to Brock Osweiler, who was thought to be the Broncos QB of the future. Osweiler ultimately decided to sign with the Houston Texans instead of signing with Denver. With the consensus future QB gone and on another team the Broncos were forced to turn to the players they still had on their roster. Elway signed the infamous butt fumble QB, Mark Sanchez. Sanchez ended up being cut by the Broncos later on in the year and was never even good enough to touch the field. Elway and the Broncos then turned to the 2016 Draft and drafted a QB out of Memphis, Paxton Lynch with their first round pick. Lynch was a power arm and looked to be the next great Broncos QB, although he would need some time to develop. In 2016, 2015 draft pick, Trevor Siemian answered the call and shocked the world by beating everyone and became the Broncos QB. He had a solid year replacing the now retired Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler, who as stated signed with the Texans. Siemian failed to make the playoffs, but showed some promise and was named the starter for the Broncos 2017 season. That’s when the carousel really began. Siemian was injured and got benched. Paxton Lynch then came in and was awful. Proving that his development was way less than what had been previously thought. Lynch was even cut by the team. The Broncos even started resigned Brock Osweiler, who had been cut by multiple teams. 2017 season as a whole left the Broncos depleted and their fans angered. Just two years removed from being Super Bowl champions they looked lost and helpless on the field. During the offseason all eyes turned to Elway. Everyone waiting for him to make a move for a QB that could be the future. Elway then took another swing, signing Case Keenum. Which yet again was a swing and miss. Turnovers at the QB position causing multiple losses and the fans to yet again ask questions.

Then this week things got even more interesting. The Broncos traded for QB Joe Flacco from the Ravens. A move from the Ravens that showed that they were committed to Lamar Jackson as their QB. The Broncos hope to have finally found their guy. Flacco is a guy that earlier on in his career was a super bowl mvp and brought his team to the playoffs on almost a yearly basis. The Broncos hope that he can do the same in Denver.

Broncos fans feel as though this might be Elway’s last swim to the surface to gasp for air. With the fans and even players growing ever more restless with how things have been going, it may be his last chance to steer the ship in the right direction. Many believe that the Broncos still have the ability to be a powerhouse in the AFC and that they are a QB from being back there. Flacco could be that final piece to the puzzle. Broncos fans sure hope so and so does Flacco.

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