UNC Soars Over Duke as Zion Suffers Bizarre Injury

Wednesday’s matchup between Duke and North Carolina was set up to be one of the best college basketball game of the year. There was just about as much hype as I’ve seen in recent years, and it had all the makings of an instant classic. From the extensive coverage on ESPN and FS1, to the $2,500 price tag for tickets.

Unfortunately, just 36 seconds into the game, Duke star Zion Williamson suffered a very bizarre injury. A hard plant while backing down UNC’s Luke Maye led to Zion’s left foot busting straight through his Nike shoe. The awkward fall that ensued led Zion’s right knee into an unnatural position. The star did not return to the game, and honestly neither did Duke.

The Blue Devils looked absolutely deflated from that point forward, and the game was not particularly close at any point along the way. Though the severity of the injury came back as a grade 1 sprain in his right knee, making him day-to-day, pundits across America are calling for Zion to sit out for the remainder of the college season.

Zion was reportedly trying to make a return to the UNC game before being told that his night was finished. Just a few months ago, Williamson made it clear to media members that he “came to Duke to play basketball” and Duke even went as far as saying that if the star is healthy then he will be playing. This is good news for college fans everywhere as Duke’s freshman core is unlike anything that we’ve seen, possibly since the Fab 5. I, like many, have predicted that Duke will in this year’s March Madness if they are fully healthy. Wishing a speedy recovery for Zion.

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