Other Sports On the Rise


Although we normally talk Football, Basketball, and Baseball here at TTS. There is seeming to be a rise in other sports than just these. Especially here in the United States. Soccer has even been gathering a larger fan base, but I don’t want to talk soccer. There are other sports besides soccer, that no one has really thought of being big, that are making a rise in the media. These sports are in descending order.


  1. Lacrosse: Now, Lacrosse is a popular sport in the northwest. Where the Indians who invented it were located. However, it is making a surge in the sports media sector. The US even has major league lacrosse. The league has 9 teams that drafts from college prospects. Lacrosse, especially college, has had increased tv ratings. With the ratings in 2017 up 26% from 2015. It has gotten to the point where many high schools also have lacrosse programs. 05.18.2018-Toronto-FC-vs-Orlando-City-SC-1638-F10Sports161-XL.jpg
  2. Soccer: Although the US has had a major soccer program for quite a while it really hasn’t had any noticeable movement. The 2018 MLS cup drew in 1.6 Million viewers, the most since 1996. Showing a rise in popularity. 4 years ago only 4% of people listed soccer as one of their top sports, now its at 7%. Still not the numbers of Football or Basketball. But they are increasing. Every college has a soccer team, and every high school has a soccer team. Soccer is definitely on the rise.IMG_1781-1.jpg
  3. Rugby: This is a sport that is close to my heart. Being introduced to it at a young age by my uncle, who worked for USA Rugby. Seeing it grow to what it is, is truly amazing. Usually most people get into rugby, by not being able to play football in college. Last year the army rugby team went to the Penn Mutual sevens tournament, and none of the players ever played before college. Nathan Ebner, ST for the Patriots, participated in the Olympics with the US sevens team. Within 2016 and 2017 there was an increase of 7.1% in Rugby participation, all athletes under 18. 2018 rugby sevens world cup  had over 9 million viewers, across 3 days, a record high for the sport. In the US we now even have major league rugby. It started this year and consists of 9 teams. Withing the next year or two, the rugby scene will rise.

Overall, it wont be surprising if the sports scene will be booming with other sports broadcasts. America is the place for sports, there is something for everyone. Which makes it perfect for new sports to rise.




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