Are the Knicks Winning their Way Away from Zion?

I never thought that I would have to write this article, especially after the team scoring on their own basket against the Spurs on Sunday, yet here we are. New York has now won their last 2, and 3 of 4 which ties their best stretch of the season to this point. In an obvious tanking effort, the Knicks have had an awful 13-48 season to this point. In a normal year, this would likely be good enough for the #1 pick; but this season is different.

In surprising fashion, the Phoenix Suns are actually the worst team in basketball right now. Comprised of two great young players, Phoenix has a lot of hope for the future, but they could actually be looking at back to back #1 overall picks. Zion may not be the best fit with Booker and Ayton, but there is no way to logically pass up on a prospect like Zion, and the Suns could very well just finish the season trying to out-tank the Knicks.

The above scenario would be THE WORST thing that could happen to the NYK organization, yet it would also be a classic Knicks moment. Teased with possibly the best young prospect since LeBron, just to be so bad at what they do, they can’t even succeed at being bad. The Knicks have a workable young core in DSJ, Hardaway, Knox, and Mudiay, but without serious free-agency moves there is no foreseeable path to a title without someone like Zion.

This whole situation just makes me remember how lucky I am to not be a Knicks fan. The worst run franchise in sports failing to tank correctly would be an all-time moment, and one that would likely haunt them for years to come. If you are a Knicks fan, it’s the perfect time to jump on the Lakers/LeBron bandwagon. Not in the playoffs, and contending for a star or two in free-agency, you can finally have a chance to cheer for a winner. Just think about this prospect; rather than hoping and praying to get Kyrie and KD to a bad Knicks team, you can just watch two best buddies (Kyrie and LeBron) play for a championship in sunny Los Angeles.

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