LeBron James Passes Michael Jordan, Moves Into 4th on the All-Time Scoring List

Last night, LeBron James did something that most players could only dream of. Every kid grows up and wants to “be like Mike”, yet LeBron is one of very few players to actually accomplish the feat. With an and-one layup in the 2nd quarter against Denver, he moved past MJ and into 4th on the All-Time scoring list.

This is obviously a huge accomplishment for LeBron, and a milestone that will stick with him forever. Currently sitting at 32,311 points, he is one of the 1st players in a long time who actually has a chance to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the all-time leading scorer. Just over 6,000 points behind Kareem, LeBron is on pace to pass him by the end of his current contract with LA. Though it is not a sure thing that James will pass Kareem, barring a career ending injury he will surely get up to at least the #2 spot.

While it’s fun to look ahead, it is also important that we make sure to take in everything that comes with this moment. LeBron was obviously emotional, and it showed during the tribute that was played right after the achievement occurred. As well as this, James made sure to express his thanks to MJ for everything he did for the game of basketball. “Thank You MJ 23” was written on his sneakers, as well as making sure to thank him during his post-game interview.

It is incredible to be able to watch one of the greatest to ever do it, and he is showing no signs that this is the end. Averaging 27-9-8 this season is promising despite the team struggling as a whole, as LBJ is showing potential free-agents that he is able to lead a team even in his 16th season.

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