The Browns Make a Big Move in Trade With Giants


Okay, okay; maybe this isn’t the blockbuster trade that Browns fans thought would be coming, but it is something that will greatly improve an already strong pass rush. Cleveland had to give up a solid guard in Kevin Zeitler, but this is a move that could be incredibly beneficial in terms suring up the defense. As well as the player swap, the teams will also be exchanging 4th round picks.

This is a trade that makes a ton of sense for both sides, and it is also a huge 1st step for the Giants in returning to prominence. The major concern for NY has been the lack of performance at the O-Line, and Zeitler is one of the best players that they could have asked for in this situation.

As for Cleveland, Vernon is a great pickup, and will certainly add to Myles Garrett’s production. One of the better pass rushers in the league, this could be an incredible move for the Browns. There is still a need for secondary players and linebackers, as well as a true #1 receiver. Zeitler hurts an O-Line that was slightly reeling from the departure of Joe Thomas, but Baker’s mobility should help counter that.

While this is a big move, there still needs to be some more talent into Cleveland to contend in the AFC. I think that the developing Browns will make the playoffs, as the rest of the division grows weaker. Some names to be on the lookout for are Odell, who has been on the trading block for two years now, as well as free-agents like Landon Collins, C.J. Mosley, and recently cut Tashaun Gipson. These are guys that could solidify an already good Cleveland defense.

Finally, don’t be shocked if the Browns try to trade up into the top 10 in order to take D.K. Metcalf to compliment Baker, Juice, and Njoku.

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