LeBron Puts on an Absolue Show in the House that Jordan Built

LeBron James has been dragged through the mud this season as a quitter and washed up, despite averaging 27-8-8 on the season. Last night in Chicago he put all the “washed up” comments to rest with a phenomenal 36-10-4 performance, as well as proving that he can still get up and jam it down.


Bleacher Report- Youtube

These are some of the best LeBron dunks this season, and could likely even make it into his career highlight reel. Not only was LeBron efficient, he was incredibly energetic. He scored in a variety of ways, powerful slams, deep 3s, impressive layup finishes. James looked anything but old in the game, and this is a game that LA could have used directly coming off his injury. The chemistry between these players was great in every point of the game except the 1st quarter. Coming back from down 18 points, LeBron and the young Lakers were able to win the game, and do so in style.

While this was against the 19-50 Bulls, any victory is huge for this team. Unfortunately however, the goal for the remainder of this season should be to lose as many games as possible. I as much as anyone love to see LeBron putting up huge numbers, but for the sake of the team’s next 2-3 years the Lakers need a top 10 pick to work with.

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