How Will Bryce Harper to Philadelphia Impact the NL East?

With the MLB season right around the corner a lot is still to be predicted and figured out about the season. Many teams have added new additions to their squads that they hope will give them the push that they need to be a playoff team and for some even a World Series contender. With that in mind the next few weeks are going to start a new chapter for the MLB on this site. I am going to take you step by step into what I believe will happen throughout this season. We will take a look back onto the teams from each divisions performance last year, their offseason moves, and look forward to what you may be able to expect from them this upcoming year. Today we are going to take a look into what might be the most competitive division in the National League. The NL East.

2018 Standings

Atlanta Braves: 90-72

Washington Nationals: 82-80

Philadelphia Phillies: 80-82

New York Mets: 77-85

Miami Marlins: 63-98

2018 in Review

The year of 2018 was a year full of ups and downs for this division. The Nationals were yet again favorites to run the division and do damage. They had one of the best pitching rotations in the MLB and had huge bats in the lineup like Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman, and Daniel Murphy. But yet again they fell short. Making it more then five straight years that they were a division favorite, or even World Series favorite, and fell short. Instead of them being the force that they were thought to be able to be it was evident all season long that the Atlanta Braves were the best team in the division. They had a ton of young talent who stepped up and did big things. Ronald Acuna became the face of the franchise to go along with the ever present Freddie Freeman. They were destined from the start of the season to be a huge success. The dark horse in the division was the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies were a team that had struggled a skidded to the finish of the 2017 season and many thought that it would be much of the same in the 2018 season. But instead the Phillies shocked analysts having a solid season and even being a playoff hopefully at the end of the season. Although they fell short they have set themselves up pretty this year.


The offseason has meant a lot of shuffling for many of these teams. Trying to find places for their guys and fill their lineups in order to give themselves the best chance to make a playoff push in 2019. The Phillies made easily the biggest catch out of anyone in the division. They changed the whole direction of their franchise by going out and signing Bryce Harper. Stealing him away from their division rival Washington Nationals. The Braves had a relatively quiet offseason. Relying on the team that they had last year, but also a few major prospects that they have coming up through their farm system (Minor Leagues). The other teams within the division have made a few moves each in order to hopefully solidify their team. The Miami Marlins have made moves to try to rebuild their franchise and put it in a spot to return to the spotlight in a few years. With the loss of Harper the Nats went out and made a few good signings. Signing veteran Brian Dozier and few other quality players.

2019 Predictions

The acquisition of Bryce Harper will be the difference for the Phillies in the NL East. They will be in a tough battle to win the division, but in the end I think that will. The Braves will have another solid year. Acuna even making a push to be the NL MVP. Ozzie Albies will have a great year instead of just a solid first half like he did in 2018. It will be a close fight to the end of the season on who wins the division, but like I said I believe the Phillies have the roster to outlast the Braves. I believe that the Nationals will completely fall off the radar. Guys like Strasburg and maybe even Scherzer maybe even requesting to leave the organization. They will fall from second in the division to second to last.

Record Predictions

Philadelphia Phillies: 97-65

Atlanta Braves: 95-67

New York Mets: 80-82

Washington Nationals: 70-92

Miami Marlins: 65-96

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