Tacko Fall is INSANELY Tall

OH MY, I’ve seen it all now. There have been some upsets, some comebacks and a still-perfect bracket; but those all pale in comparison to the specimen that is Tacko Fall. Tacko Fall is a 7’6 Senior at UCF who has taken the sports world by storm. The fascination began when CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson took a picture next to Fall. Wolfson is an average 5’6, yet barely makes it to Fall’s hip.

This sparked a series of comparisons to the talk of the basketball world, Zion Williamson. Zion is a sturdy 6’7 285 but looks small compared to Fall. Unlike most of the insanely tall people in the world, Fall is a built 315 pounds, and actually seems athletic on the basketball court.

Though UCF came up just short against the Duke Blue Devils on Sunday, Fall was integral to the Knight’s success against the #1 overall seed. 15 and 6 while adding on 3 blocks, Fall was big for his team, and may have even been a key part of the loss. In the last 30 seconds of the game, Fall fouled out while attempting to stop Zion’s layup attempt to cut the UCF lead to 1. The shot ended up going, and 1. Without Fall in the game, R.J. Barrett was able to get the putback to take the lead.

Fall’s impact may have been missed more on the other end however, when the Knights missed two inside shots. If Fall is still in the game at that point, UCF is heading to the Sweet 16 and Zion is declaring for the Draft this morning.

I hope that Fall can stay healthy despite his unnatural height/weight combo and will be able to play in the NBA. Anyone who is that tall has a ton of potential in the league, so long as they are careful. In a tournament stacked with star talent, Tacko seems to be the next craze for a loaded NBA draft class.

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