Weekend 1 of March Madness Has Ended, and History is Being Made

The first weekend of the greatest tournament in sports has come to an end. March Madness captivated America once again, but there is something different about this year. Though my bracket was busted at the final buzzer of the 1st game of the tournament, this has been a historic year for the bracket challenge. For the 1st time in nearly 40 years of tracking brackets, someone has made it out of the Round of 32. That’s right, 48 games in a row. The longest streak recorded before this season was 39, set in 2017; while last year saw zero perfect brackets beyond the 1st round.

“Center Road”, the mystery person with the unblemished bracket looks to continue their bracket when games resume on Thursday. The demise of this bracket could come at any time as there is no way to truly predict the insanity that is March Madness, but the championship game is set for Duke vs Gonzaga. The catch; Gonzaga takes down Duke to bring home the National Championship. If the bracket is not sunk by the time that game occurs, Zion and the Duke Big-4 may have something to say about the historic feat.

Nonetheless, correctly predicting 48 games in a row is INSANE and history was made whether the bracket ends up perfect or not. Center Road has cemented themself in tournament history and sets the new mark for next year’s challenge. Meanwhile, I will continue to pick, and pick incorrectly because even though my bracket is busted; there’s no time like March Madness.

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