Lakers to Rest LeBron for Remainder of 2018-2019 Season

In a bombshell from the Lakers organization, we found out Saturday that LeBron’s season will be cut short. LeBron was truly injured for the 1st time in his career, and led many to speculate that he is not the “Iron Man” of the NBA anymore. In what may be an overreaction by Los Angeles, LeBron will sit out for the last 5 games of the season (will miss the last 6 in total). This is being done as a preventative measure, not because of some “secret” injury that LeBron may have.

According to team doctors and head coach Luke Walton, James has fought the decision ever since the mathematical elimination and just now agreed that it was best for both parties long term. LeBron, at age 34, is the most real threat to  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all time scoring position in recent memory. These 6 games will not supremely hurt his chances at passing Kareem, but may prove to shrink his point total by over 100.

This is honestly the best move for the Lakers, as well as LeBron. This season does not matter anymore, and the more the team can lose, the better. This will be LeBron’s longest offseason of his career, which gives him plenty of time to work on developing a new facet of his game. Also, LeBron, WORK ON YOUR FREE-THROWS, 66.5% is awful, especially for someone in the GOAT debate.

All in all, this will give LeBron the first true restful offseason of his career while allowing him to adjust to the imminent decline in athleticism. I think that this could prove to be one of the most important years of his career, and also aid in the search for a new co-star. LeBron, in my eyes, will have a career year, possibly even MVP caliber. Similar to someone by the name of Michael Jordan before he brought in his second 3-peat.

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