KD Ejected as Warriors-Referee Tension Rises

I’ve written before on the “collapse of the Warriors“, but somehow they make it seem more probable each game. Yes they’re still dominant, and yes they’re still the rightful favorite for the championship, buuuuttt, tempers are flaring. Golden State has been known as a somewhat “weak minded” team, with the tandem of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. The addition of infamous hot-head Boogie Cousins this offseason had many wondering how the 3 would control their tempers. Well it turns out that they don’t, in fact, control their tempers, and it’s starting to bite them.

In Friday’s game vs. the Timberwolves, the team absolutely broke down after a series of debatable (at worst) no-calls down the stretch. This all exploded after Steph Curry hit a difficult 3-point shot to tie the game with 0.5 seconds left on the clock. The shot came just after the refs declined to give KD a 4 point play opportunity, claiming that the whistle came before the shot. After Curry hit the three, he proceeded to mock referees Marat Kogut and Tim Donaghy all the way down the court, pointing and taunting.

This obviously led to a fine, but not only that, the Warriors lost the game. They unwinded so badly that they gave the T-Wolves a chance to win the game in regulation, just 1/2 a second on the clock. The drama continued into the game vs. the 2 seeded Nuggets when KD was given a tech after questioning a foul call. This led official Zach Zarba to give him a second tech, effectively ejecting him from the game.

This team is mentally weak, and could be vulnerable for the 1st time since Durant joined the team after the 2016 Finals. I’m not saying that the Warriors look incredibly weak, or even that they should be concerned, but this is a real problem that they’re going to have to deal with if they want to cruise to their 3rd straight title.

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