The AAF is Folding

With the season still in full swing, League owner Tom Dundon announced Tuesday that the AAF will be suspending all operations. This means games and practices. Of course, we cant say for sure if the league is folding. However, they will most likely be unable to come back from this, and be forced to end operations.

Co-Founder Bill Polian said in a statement Tuesday, “I sincerely regret that many that believed in this project will see their hopes and efforts unrewarded. They gave their best for which I am deeply grateful. Unfortunately, Mr. Dundon has elected this course of action.” All staff members and players were notified that afternoon. In the letter is said, “restructure our business. Should those efforts prove successful, we look forward to working with many of you on season two.” There just may be hope for the failing league.

The future of the AAF is in the hands of deals with the NFLPA and the NFL practice squad players. Dunden claimed if they could get a deal worked out there might be a season two. However, due to NFL rules. This seems unlikely.

Whether the league fold or not there are good things that came from this. We have now seen the Sky-Judge, which might make and appearance during the NFL season. We have also seen players that were overlooked, and are capable of playing in the NFL. If the league survives, and deals are made. This may end up being a league where the NFL tries out new rules, and a way to give players a “try out”. Unfortunately its looking like the AAF is going to fade away into the history of American football. Although there is another league rising, the XFL. Which will be using the mistakes of previous leagues to stay afloat. So, even if the AAF folds we still might have football in the NFL offseason.


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