Who Will Win the National Championship Tonight? Last Minute Odds and TTS Picks

It’s the National Championship. And lines are now being finalized with the over/under standing at 117.5, while Virgina is the favorite at -1.5.

Let’s start with the over/under odds, the lowest tournament record ever, and we like it. At 117.5 each team will need to average 59 points in the game, and I have no doubt they will not hit it. The game will be unlike recent offensive championships which have been fast paced, drive and pass for the three. It will be a slow paced game, both ways. With the slow paced offenses and strong defenses, I see no way both teams combined to 118, unless overtime is in store. Texas Tech and Virginia have only allowed a combined average of 57.15 points per game this season, and yeah, they’re playing each other. It is absolutely going to be low scoring. I also see no way there will be an average of 27 to combine over 53 in the 1st. First half gitters will be in the air, of course, helping the defensive side, once again. Under, under, under. Take it.

Next, we have Virgina -1.5 in the game, and goodness do we love these odds. Texas Tech is defense, and defense wins championships. I have absolute confidence Texas Tech will force  bad shots, allowing them to be better on offense and defense throughout the game. Texas Tech. Money-line it, and take them at the game. How can we take Virgina, should they even be here?

Overall Trader Talks sports betting: 2-0

Virginia vs. Texas Tech

Monday April 8th, 9:20 PM E.T

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