ESPN Has Officially Lost Their Minds

Whoever is in charge of the CFP at ESPN needs to be fired immediately. The other day, the sports media giant put out their playoff predictor, and it’s one of the worst things that I have ever seen.

CFP Predictor

Now just first glance, there are a few major problems.

1. Michigan has NO business being on this list. Period. The team was probably in the best shape that they’ve been in years, and they haven’t beat their rival in 7 years. Change that 7% to a ZERO because they have no shot to make the playoff, let alone win the darn thing.

2. Where is Ohio State? I know that some of you may think that this is coming from a biased opinion, but to not have OSU as a top 9 team in that ranking is absurd. There are some teams (TTUN, LSU, OU, ND, and Florida who won’t even win their own conference, yet the clowns at ESPN love to hate the Buckeyes. It genuinely confuses me how they constantly underrate the Bucks so severely, yet never learn from their mistake… it is what it is I guess, but the people of the midwest don’t forget.

3. The current rating system that ESPN and the CFP utilize give teams in the SEC and ACC a huge advantage. By overrating the teams in these conferences, it makes losses look much better than they really are. Prime examples of this include the bizarre Syracuse and NC State rankings over the past couple of years, as well as Mississippi State in the SEC. When top tier teams lose to these programs, it shows up as a quality loss when in reality, it’s no better than losing to someone like Tennessee or Wake Forest.

If ESPN and the CFP wish to have a legitimate playoff with the best teams available, then they must rank teams fairly. Otherwise, the same teams will always be there because ESPN likes them better.

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