Football is Almost Here

Yesterday the Rams released the 2019 schedule. I gotta say I’m liking it. The rams will play 8 home games and of course 8 away games, with one of those being in London this year. Here is the Schedule:


Like I said, I’m pretty happy about this schedule. There are a couple teams however that give some concern. Of course the Saints are one of them. They are a very very good football team, I do believe they will give us our first loss of the season. However, the Saints will be able to show our coaches what needs to be improved to compete with the big dogs. Then they get plenty of time to get their game worked out before the next true competition. That would be the Bears, their defense is like none other. The Bears have the best chance of giving us our second loss, with a top notch defense and a decent offense they have the chance.

Now to the team I haven’t mentioned, that everyone wants to know about. The Browns. Early in the season the Browns WILL NOT be able to compete with the higher level teams from last year. A new coaching staff just came in, which means a lot will change. They wont be able to put the pedal to the metal by week 3. It usually takes a season or two for a new coaching staff to get up to the top if given the talent, which the Browns have. I do believe that the game will be a good one.

Overall I cant wait for football season to be here. The Rams are and will be a top team this year without a doubt. I predict the Rams to go 14-2 in the regular season.

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