Rams 2019 Draft

A couple weeks ago we got to see the NFL draft. Within all the chaos we got to see big changes being made for all 32 teams. We also got to see where every teams weaknesses lay. The Rams weakness just so happens to be the Defense and of 8 picks 5 were defensive players. Here is all of the Rams 2019 Draft Picks

Round 2 No. 61 Overall: Taylor Rapp DB from Washington

The secondary hasn’t had a whole lot of talented depth. Yeah, they are in the NFL, but compared to other DBs. They had a hard time covering some  of the top WRs in the game too. He has decent statistics, 5 Pass Breaks and 2 Interceptions this past season. Rapp will bring some strength into the secondary.

Round 3 No. 70 Overall: Darrell Henderson RB from Memphis

Gurley isnt in tip top shape anymore. There needs to be depth at the RB position. CJ Anderson did not get a contract extension, bringing in more of a need for RBs. Henderson rushed for 31 touchdowns across 3 years at Memphis. Henderson could fight for the No. 2 spot in the depth chart.

Round 3 No. 79 Overall: David Long CB from Michigan

We needed depth in the secondary, and the Rams are doing exactly that. Long doesnt have the stats of a top CB, but he can develop. Long may take the place of Peters or Talib if a contract isnt reached.

Round 3 No. 97 Overall: Bobby Evans OT from Oklahoma

Theres no doubt that Oklahoma has the top offensive line unit of college football. Making Evans one of the best at his position in the college world. The Rams lost Saffold and Sullivan this year, meaning they need more offensive lineman. With Evans playing both left and right tackle, he could easily learn to play guard if needed. Evans will get to learn from Havenstein and Whitworth.

Round 4 No. 134 Overall: Greg Gaines DL from Washington

Ndamukong Suh is gone, and theres no chance of him coming back. We need a DT, and Gaines just might be the person to do it. If Gaines plays at DT it would allow Micheal Brockers to remain at DE along side Aaron Donald.

Round 5 No. 169 Overall: David Edwards OT from Wisconsin

Wisconsin is Offensive Line university, they pump out some of the best. Including Rob Havenstein. Edwards will be adding depth to the offensive line and will get to learn from fellow Wisconsin Alums. Edwards will probably stay at strictly OT.

Round 7 No. 243 Overall: Nick Scott S from Penn

Scott is the second DB to be drafted by the Rams. Although he may not be starting at the S position he could make an immediate impact on special teams.

Round 7 No. 251 Overall: Dakota Allen LB from Texas Tech

Allen will be adding much needed depth at the LB position. Mark Baron was let go during free agency freeing up a spot for Allen to fight for.

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