The Los Angeles Lakers Are a Ticking Time Bomb | Opinion

Earlier in this week, the Los Angeles Lakers were reportedly closing in on a deal with former Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue to make him the successor to Luke Walton as Head Coach. Yesterday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Woj) dropped one of his infamous “Woj Bombs” which claimed that Lue’s camp had pulled out of all negotiations. The Lakers must now reopen the search  for their next HC.

This news is absolutely disgusting to hear for anyone looking for the Lakers to succeed in free-agency and into the next season. If reports are true that the SECOND deal offered was only for 3 years and $18M with no incentives for championships, then this is undoubtedly the worst run organization in the NBA. I can’t even imagine how bad the first deal had to have been. This is a championship level coach that we’re talking about, not some career losing leader. I don’t care what players you have, it takes a great coach to take a team to 3 straight NBA Finals. This situation is making the Knicks look like the freaking Patriots in terms of ownership and competence and quite frankly everybody deserves to be fired. Rob Pelinka, Kurt and Linda Rambis, Jeanie Buss needs to sell this team ASAP if she wants to keep any credibility in the Buss-Laker tradition.

If the pitiful offer wasn’t enough, the team allegedly denied Lue the ability to pick his own coaching staff. Woj also broke that the team were requiring him to bring on former Milwaukee coach Jason Kidd. Kidd has a reputation for going behind the back of his superiors in order to attain power, a great trait for an assistant to one of the most prestigious coaching jobs in all of sports if you ask me. I mean seriously, how incompetent can Jeanie Buss and this front office be?

After this news broke, it was revealed that Kurt Rambis, a man with a career .284 winning percentage as a head coach, is now leading the coaching charge. The team introduced 3 new candidates to the search, Frank Vogel, Mike Woodson and Lionel Hollins. Likely, the team will go with either Kidd or Juwan Howard as the one to lead the team into next season, but you never know with the new “shadow owner” Linda Rambis.

Luckily for this absolute dumpster fire of a franchise, the Lakers do still have the best player in the NBA, who apparently they are looking at trading. Reports earlier in the season indicated that Jeanie Buss wanted to trade LeBron james after the Anthony Davis fiasco, but Stephen A. Smith said yesterday that “nothing is off the table” in terms of his future in LA.

In all honesty, this team will end up being just fine, regardless of the coach; so long as they keep LeBron James. With KD leaving Golden State and an inevitable A or B tier free agent signing, the team would be an automatic contender so long as they halt the implosion that is occurring right before our eyes. I know I sound pessimistic about the situation, and I am at this moment; but players want to win, and the way to do that is with LeBron. I’m looking forward to seeing this team turn it around and bring back Show-Time.

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