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Black Knights Preview

We’re back! The most american sport is about to kick off, college football, and what is more american than United States Military Academy (WestPoint) football. Last year the Black Knights went 11-2, with one of those losses being a close one to Oklahoma. With the field general, QB Kelvin Hopkins Jr returning I’m expecting a great season for Army. Offensively Army has always been kind of a black sheep of college football. The Black Knights are practically the only team in CFB to effectively run the Triple Option Offense (FlexBone). Which puts them in pretty good position against most teams who play more Air Raid opponents. Defensively they are good. They get stops, and turnovers. Which are key in the game of Football.

Chart from As For  Football

Taking a Look at their schedule I have to say, there really ins’t any reason they couldn’t go undefeated. Navy and Michigan will be the ones to put up the biggest fight. Even then I believe Army can beat them. Army is big on possession of the ball, as long as they can hold the ball and run like they can, it should be a 13-0 season.

Ill go into more depth about the games when they come around. As of now I want to focus on two key games. Michigan and Navy.

On out Top 25 Poll, we have Michigan Ranked at 8th. Michigan is a dang good football team, but after seeing last years performance at Oklahoma. I believe Army will take a win. Defensively Michigan is better than Oklahoma, last year. We haven’t seen them play a triple option team since 2017, and let Air Force have 13 points. Of course they still won. Army has an offense that far surpass Air Force, so it will be interesting to see Michigan defense react. Army also has a better Defense, in 2017 Air Force allowed 29 points. Which for a service academy going against a power 5 school, is very good. This game will certainly be a tough one, but I think Army will come out on top.

Now Navy. For the past 3 years Army has beaten navy. There is no reason this should stop now. Compared to the other academies Army is the best football team, with Navy following, and Air Force in last. Army has a much more efficient offense and defense. There is no doubt in my mind that Army will take the win against Navy, for the fourth year in a row.

Overall this season is going to be action packed. Along with many many wins. I believe that Army will go undefeated, 13-0, this season.

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