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Navy-Airforce Preview

Although I am a HUGE Army fan, as a football fan I enjoy all the academies football programs. The very few men who are willing to die for the ones in the stands. They also run the Flex Bone formation, which I love. With that said I am going to do a rundown of the Air Force and Naval academies schedules.

Air Force:

Colgate : W

Colorado University : L

Boise State : L

San Jose State : W

Navy : L

Fresno State : W

Hawaii : W

Utah State : L

Army : L

New Mexico : W

Colorado State : L

Wyoming : L

Overall Season : 5-8


Holy Cross : W

E Carolina : W

Memphis : L

Air Force : W

Tulsa : L

S Florida : W

Tulane : W

U of Connecticut : W

Notre Dame : L


Houston : L

AAC Championship : TBD

Army : L

Overall Season : 6-6

The schedules are not overly impresive. Some good teams, going against both. Notre Dame, Memphis, and Army is probably Navys worst nightmares this season. Air Force schedule is arguably more frightening than Navys. All though I predicted quite a few losses, I’m hoping Air Force and Navy prove me wrong.

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