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Five-Star Fridays: Ohio State (1)

Photo Courtesy of Marvin Fong – The Plain Dealer

What a recruiting run Ryan Day has had since his promotion to head coach in winter of 2018. Day was able to reel in the fifth-ranked class in his first season at the head of the program, and currently holds a firm first place spot for the 2021 cycle. The 2021 class is so elite, in fact, that there is a fairly good chance that it breaks the NCAA record for average rating per player.

This past week, Ohio State made serious headway on a series of prospects, most notably WR Emeka Egbuka (5), DE J.T. Tuimoloau (5), OT JC Latham (5), and CB Jaylin Davies (4).

Let’s start with Davies; After finalizing his top four last Sunday, Ohio State received a Crystal Ball from USC Insider Chris Trevino (who is currently 10/10 on 2021 predictions), leaving what appears to be a two-horse race between Ohio State and Arizona State.

Moving on to JC Latham, there was some serious momentum for Ohio State yesterday after picking up his tenth Crystal Ball from Bill Kurelic. The Buckeyes now hold 100% of Balls for Latham, with the three lead experts sitting at a combined 315/318 (99.05%) accuracy for the 2021 cycle. Latham also asked for and later posted an OSU edit on his Instagram Story. All signs are pointing to Latham choosing the Buckeyes, and a commitment could be coming relatively soon.

Another five-star prospect that appears to be on the verge of committing just so happens to be the number two player in the country, J.T. Tuimoloau. Despite what appeared to have been a last-ditch effort from Washington, Tuimoloau is also sitting with 100% of lead expert Crystal Balls to Ohio State, and many thought that there may have even been some big news coming out of his camp this week. The infamous steak emoji was back for the 2021 class in full force on Wednesday/Thursday, and despite there being no major commitments during that period, I think it’s pretty safe to say that there’s something behind the scenes that we don’t know about just yet.

For the last prospect that we’ll be looking at today, Emeka Egbuka has seemingly trended closer and closer to the Buckeyes as the days have gone on. There hasn’t been too much news as of late with Egbuka, but there have been rumors (started by OU fans obviously) that he is almost a done deal to the Sooners. There’s pretty much no basis to this other than overconfidence and disdain for the Buckeyes, but that’s really the only noteworthy update for the week.

Well there you have it, what could end up being the greatest class of all time had a quietly productive week, and is looking to lock in some of these final top guys once campus visits are reopened. Until then, we’ll have to speculate on the steaks and hope to see a good old-fashioned “BOOM” from the head man himself.

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