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Razorbackology: The Man Behind the Moniker

The man with no name has become known simply by the handle of his Instagram account: Razorbackology. Sitting at nearly 25,000 followers on the platform, the fan page has become the largest for the Arkansas Razorbacks on the entire app. Its popularity has come in large part to the variety of content that can be found, including podcasts, previews, breakdowns, and in-depth recruiting reports which keep those looking from the furthest corner of their eye in the loop.

Razorbackology has grown its following to nearly 25,000

A huge following was never the plan, so how did “just a kid and his fanpage” become the largest piece of the non-university sanctioned social media pie?

“I think what separates me from other people is that my content is professional and easy to read,” said Razorbackology, the man behind the moniker. “It’s stuff that we learn in elementary school but having good grammar helps keep people interested.”

After a disappointing 2013 run, the media coverage surrounding Arkansas’ football team was supremely pessimistic. With constant negativity being pumped through your brain, it can certainly be difficult to remain hopeful about the team you live and breathe for. Well, that was noticed by a high-school kid who had grown up a die-hard Razorbacks fan, and he thought it was about time someone did something about it.

And do something about it he did. On August 9th, 2014 the Razorbackology Instagram page was born. With the name being broken down to mean “the study of the Razorbacks,” the account lived up to its billing and began to provide previews and breakdowns of football games, which were well received by all who had made their way into his newfound community.

A frequent flyer to Razorback Stadium, his postgame recaps began as a race to the publish button but have evolved into his favorite category of content to create.

Razorbackology’s signature one-word post

“I wanted to enjoy the moments after the wins as they haven’t come as often as we’d like,” the creator of the account said. “What I do now after games is a one-word post that is my raw initial reaction. Sunday is the day for the full recap, after being able to sleep on it.”

Being able to have time to sleep on it has proved crucial in aiding the mission to be a positive light in the Arkansas media. As he mentioned, winning has not been a common occurrence for the team over the past couple of years, boasting a measly 33-50 record over the lifespan of the page.

Not only does that make it hard to watch the team from a fan’s perspective, it was described as the biggest challenge he faced in growing the brand.

“When your team is not doing good it’s just not as fun to talk about them,” Razorbackology said. “It’s tough to be realistic and positive and say, even though we haven’t won a lot of games this year look at the positives.”

This struggle also just so happened to be one of the driving forces for the growth of the page. With the follower-count plateauing as the team’s record trended downward, positive momentum surrounding the team this summer led to a spike in Razorbackology’s popularity.

Preview of Arkansas’ 2020 matchup vs. LSU

Luckily for the account, there was a sort of perfect storm surrounding this positive momentum, which made this summer a huge one for Razorbackology. The page found a content schedule which was easy to follow, leading to a surge of posts that were met with an inevitable jump in traffic. Beyond the increase in content produced, Razorbackology found what many see as one of the more interesting factors in its success.

It’s been alluded to thus-far, but why is the creator of Razorbackology “the man with no name?”

“At first I thought it was a little nerdy and a little weird to be so focused on a sports team,” he said. “I do like keeping it to myself; I’ll never feel comfortable just going around to strangers and telling them that I’m Razorbackology.”

The mystique just adds to the Razorbackology experience for many and gives yet another layer of personality to what has become the most popular account in the Arkansas fandom.

Despite the massive following and the long six-year journey, the brand has stuck to a couple of key principles.

“I’ve tried to be really professional and engaging,” Razorbackology said. “If there were two words to describe my account, that’s what I’d go with.”

While nobody, including Razorbackology himself, could have envisioned this when the “create account” button was hit six years ago, it’s undeniable Razorbackology has positioned itself at the head of the Arkansas social media table. Despite that, it remains a high priority to stick to its mission of being a beacon for positive media coverage of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“At the end of the day, people just want to be able to relate to something,” Razorbackology said. “At the heart of it all, I’m still just the kid who runs the fanpage.”

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