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Nick Saban’s Daughter Has Been Taking Notes from Dabo Swinney

Photo courtesy of Mickey Welsh – Associated Press

The Sugar Bowl was a game with championship implications, but they weren’t the only thing fueling Ohio State. Last year’s Fiesta Bowl was full of what-ifs for the Buckeyes, and even head coach Ryan Day acknowledged how the loss impacted his preparation.

As well as the sting from how 2019 ended, the Buckeyes were tossed more proverbial ammo when Clemson coach Dabo Swinney ranked the team 11th ahead of their semifinal matchup. Ohio State players and coaches were not shy when asked how they felt about Dabo’s ranking, making it clear that the fire was stoked.

The Buckeyes’ entire program has thrived off of their doubters for some time now, even adopting the “Ohio Against the World” mantra, so many questioned why Dabo continued to provide billboard material for the team.

It seems Kristen Saban Setas, daughter of the legendary Alabama coach Nick Saban, has been taking notes from the Clemson coach as she took to Twitter after reports surfaced of a potential postponement of the National Championship game between Ohio State and Alabama.

via @KristenSabanS Twitter

Now you don’t have to look too hard to see what’s wrong with this tweet, and within the hour it was deleted. We did see an apology, but it came after another shot was taken at Ohio State and was followed by the deactivation of her Twitter account.

I don’t know what it is with these people and their insistence on poking the bear that is Ohio State. Whether it be ESPN, Dabo, or now Saban, Ohio State tends to respond on the field.

While incredibly off base, Swinney at least stood behind his antics and received the hate that was given. Saban deleted almost immediately with the backlash (and possibly a phone call from St. Nick himself), making herself look even dumber in the grand scheme of things.

All I know is that Day and the Buckeye coaching staff are more than willing to continue receiving the hate so long as it can be turned into positive energy on the field. Monday cannot come soon enough.

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