UCF Lands *Probably* the Best Coach of this Carousel

Photo courtesy of Spectrum News Orlando

The best college head coach in the state of Florida may also just happen to be the most recent hire. The University of Central Florida held their introductory press conference for Gus Malzahn on Monday, and UCF fans were left with more than a few reasons to be excited about the future.

I, for one, love this hire. Malzahn, despite all his recent failures was still able to remain a thorn in the side of the SEC brass to the bitter end. While his last season was no doubt his worst showing throughout his time at Auburn we are only a few years removed from the Tigers’ near-playoff bid, and UCF just so happened to have been in the market for a playoff-caliber coach.

Even with 4 SEC openings, it was the Group-of-5 powerhouse who came away with the best hire of the 2020 cycle. Going one step further, for my money, UCF now has the best coach in the state of Florida. If you’ve listened to The RazorBucks Podcast then you probably know my feelings towards Dan Mullen, and with Lane Kiffin’s departure from FAU there are really no other solid options.

Everything else aside, this hire immediately jumps the Knights back into national prominence. After a down year, morale amongst players and fans alike was tanked and bringing in a guy like Malzahn will be a huge step in reversing that trend. The new administration also made it very clear that there would be an immediate push to change the narrative about Go5 teams.

Malzahn and new AD Terry Mohajir will be looking to dominate the state of Florida, not only on the field but on the recruiting front as well. That philosophy paired with UCF’s recent prestige and the talent rich high school pool make it hard to be remotely negative about the hire.

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