We’ve Finally Found the Perfect Offseason Football League

Photo courtesy of AP

The elation of Zero Week of the college football season is matched only by the sadness brought after the final whistle of the National Championship game. The gap in between those two events has become prime real estate for uber-rich businessmen to try their hand in creating the next NFL.

While many have tried, something always seemed to get in the way. Inferior product, stiffing your players whom were already living check to check, and a global pandemic are just the first couple to come to mind, but this league has finally bridged the gap.

The secret? Bringing in a marquee NFL player with a plan to flip the sport upside down.

No, I’m not talking about Money Manziel and the Fan Choice league, but rather Deion Sanders and the spring FCS season. With Sanders’ Jackson State Tigers winning their 2021 debut in resounding 53-0 fashion over Edward Waters, we may all be witness to a changing of the guard within the FCS.

Now, I understand that the FCS has been around long before Sanders stepped in (and will likely be around long after), but Primetime has certainly lived up to his billing thus far. Sanders was even able to bring in the top-ranked class in his first offseason at the helm, including his son Shedeur and a huge flip from JUCO star and former Georgia commit De’Jahn Warren.

While the Tigers may be at the forefront of bringing change to the league, they are only the tip of the iceberg. North Dakota State looks to continue its reign of terror, JMU looks to regain their throne, and the Division I Championship is one of the highlights of collegiate athletics.

The funny thing about FCS football being the perfect bridge between the end of the FBS season and Zero Week is that it’s been around since 1978. Usually the season is overshadowed by the more popular FBS, but the 2021 spring season will provide the chance to showcase itself to a whole new market.

For those who miss college football season just days after it ends, the only logical solution is to consume more college football. That is the reason this will work when all other leagues have went down in flames. That alone will prove to be the staying power.

I, for one, would love to see this become a fixture of the spring beyond this season. The exposure to these players and schools would be reason enough to make the move, but in a more selfish way I think it’s fair to say most college football fans would be more than willing to watch more of the sport they love.

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