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Luka Doncic Rookie Breaks Record for Highest Selling NBA Card | Transaction Thursdays

Photo courtesy of Vernon Bryant – Dallas Morning News

On Friday 28th 2021 a Luka Doncic 2018 One-of-One National Treasure “Logoman” autograph sold for 4.6 Million dollars, ranking as the highest sale of a basketball card ever. Not only was this the highest basketball sale; it was the second highest sale of all time. The highest sale of all time was a 1952 Mickey Mantle PSA 9 which sold earlier in the year for 5.2 million dollars. The crazy thing about these 2 sales is the difference in age, with one card being almost 70 years old and of arguably the biggest name in all of baseball. Luka on the other hand is in his third season in the NBA but many would say he has the potential to be the next big name whenever you think of basketball.

This sale, in my eyes, is huge for the modern market which, especially in basketball has been cooling off recently. This sparks an excitement in the market and may draw the eyes from vintage to modern a little bit. If I was in the shoes to buy this Luka I would really have to believe in him and his future. Would I have done it? Being a guy who loves the vintage route for basketball cards, I think I would have taken this same risk. This is now the premier basketball card in the world. Everyone who heard about this sale knows this card is off the market, and may be off of it until the person who purchases goes to the grave.

With that historic sale out of the way, here are some other transactions I am watching:

Bo Bichette is a name that is known around the MLB, and a talent that is understood but currently being overshadowed by bigger names, with his card prices reflecting that. You can purchase a Topps Chrome Bichette for around $5 at the moment, with Chrome being one of the more desirable brands in the baseball market. With it being the off season, prices are low. With a PSA 10 version of the card fetching $160, buying raw Bichette cards in good condition and grading could be a big play.

James Harden recently was recently traded to the Nets and many people did not think it would work, however he has been far more successful than previously imagined. Harden has been playing great since the trade, and his prices are showing it. However while people are chasing his Topps Rookies, which are the most desirable, I believe there is a card being slept on. The James Harden Panini rookie card fetches a $50 raw price tag at the current moment. This price is overshadowed by that of Stephen Curry, whos exact same card is worth almost double what Harden’s is. I think this card has the potential to grow given how well he has been playing of late.

Dak Prescott is a household name for Cowboys fans, and a name that has gained a lot of traction in the rumor mill. There is no telling what next season entails for Prescott. Will he get traded? Resigned? Nobody really knows, and being one of the leagues best quarterbacks he may be sent away (let’s hope for more than a bag of chips like DeAndre Hopkins was from the other team in Texas). For around $30 you can find the Dak Prescott Optic Rated Rookie raw. Coming off of a gruesome injury, the future for Prescott is unknown. If he can pick up where he was performing before his injury, there is a really bright light for Prescott, and the value of his cards.

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