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Everyone’s Favorite Talking Head Has Become Self Aware

Photo courtesy of The Herd

Wednesday night Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield took to Twitter in order to share his close encounter with a UFO.

Now, in the year 2021 is this really the most far fetched thing in the world? I’m not gonna sit here and tell you whether aliens are real or not, but if there was any time for us to find out about them would it not be right now?

Regardless of your thoughts on life beyond Earth, this is a generally harmless tweet, no? Well, not to everyone. Everyone’s favorite talking head and host of FS1’s The Herd, Colin Cowherd set aside a couple minutes of yesterday’s show to give us his thoughts on the “undraftable” quarterback’s actions on social media.

There’s a lot going on here, but before we start I just want to say this; I am, and always have been a Cowherd guy. Going back to his days at ESPN, he’s been one of the best in sports talk television, and he’s fantastic at what he does. The man doesn’t get paid upwards of $6 million a year for his observations about sports, he gets that money because he draws in that money and then some. Clicks and interactions are what pays his check so if you don’t like what he has to say, don’t watch.

Tweeted roughly 8 hours prior to Cowherd’s comments on the show

Like I said earlier, I’m a big fan of Cowherd but holy moly the talking head has become self aware. In what was the most predictable take ever, Uncle Colin made sure to rip into the Browns QB for his UFO sighting. Comparing him to some Hall of Famers, Cowherd made sure to let the people know that (almost) every great quarterback keeps their encounters with aliens under wraps.

You know, he may have a point. Do you want your franchise guy thinking about aliens? I mean, look at what conspiracy theories did to Kyrie Irving. All jokes aside this is a horrendous take, and Cowherd knows that. I’m giving him exactly what he wants by writing about it, and you’re giving him exactly what he wants by talking about how stupid it is.

Nonetheless, the fact that he jumped on this story 100000% shows that he doesn’t care if we know about his motives. He’s getting paid and people are gonna buy this crap no matter what, so why not have some fun with it. After all, even one of the guys he mentioned in his “rant” chimed in to defend Mayfield.

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  1. Baker was just asking a question. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t think it was an alien though. Maybe some odd object from another country…..

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