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I, for One, am STUNNED that Georgia and Alabama Are Cheating

Photo courtesy of Matthew Emmons – USA Today

A leaked conversation featuring allegations of recruiting foul play within some of the top schools in the country went viral Sunday, and I for one am STUNNED. Former reality TV coach and head man at Valdosta High School Rush Propst was speaking with the president of the Valdosta TD Club, and said the quiet part out loud.

Now, before we start it is important to question the credibility of the source. Propst has dealt with integrity violations and investigation every stop of the way. I mean shoot, he got busted for having a secret family not too long ago, so the validity of his claim takes a bit of a hit if you look at that. Buttttt, he’s also a head coach with connections, so there is a good chance that if something shady is going on then he would know about it.

It’s no secret that recruiting is a dirty business, but it also just so happens to be the lifeblood of a program. At every level there is an advantage to be had, and the winners find a way to control it. Historic programs such as Notre Dame, SMU, and Florida have all been nicked for violations, and it seems as though it may be Alabama and Georgia’s turn for an NCAA probe.

Smart and Saban cheating is far and away the least surprising thing about this story. What is surprising, however, is that we’re hearing from someone (potentially) with actual proof of it. As I said at the beginning, the quiet part is being said out loud, and we may soon have some evidence of what we already know; everyone cheats. From the Alabamas to the UCONNs, every single program in Division I Football and Men’s Basketball is cheating. Some are just better at it than others, sorry Tennessee.

Worst comes to worst, the NCAA takes away a visit or two from each team and we all go right back to cheating. The likely scenario? The NCAA isn’t even going to give this situation a second look. We’ll have the hot-takes from around CFB and then before we know it we’re back to praising Kirby Smart’s recruiting prowess as the reason that he’s a top coach in the country like nothing happened.

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