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Gut Reactions to the 2021 March Madness Bracket

Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

Ladies and gentleman, we’ve done it. After a global pandemic took one of the best sports days of the year from us, it’s finally Selection Sunday. 68 schools will be granted the opportunity to play in the greatest competition in the United States, and so many others have that hope crushed for the time being. As for the fans, what better way to reign in the Madness than by filling out a bracket. In this post, I will run through some of my observations and predictions that came while filling out my initial bracket of the season.

The Big Ten Will Perform VERY Well in this year’s tournament. It’s no secret to those who have been following the game this season, but the Big Ten is far and away the best conference in the country. With nine births in this iteration of March Madness, that belief was all-but confirmed.

As well as their quantity, the quality of many of these teams means the Big Ten could, and in my eyes, will have multiple Final Four teams. I have all but one of the nine teams winning at least 1 game in the tournament, and think this could go down as the most dominant season of any one conference in NCAA history.

2021 Will be a Nightmare Year for Five-Seeds. Personally, I saw three of the four 5/12 matchups as clear upset spots as the bracket was revealed. It’s been seen as quite the anomaly within the tournament, but the 12 seed always seems to give the 5 problems, and this year will be no different in my estimation. Whether it be through injury or simply poor matchups, 5s will have a real problem in the Round of 64 this season.

This is a Great Bracket for Chalk Pickers in the Office Pool. You see it every year, but it’s usually the “bracketologists” that tend to perform poorly in the office pool. Meanwhile, the people who couldn’t care less wind up winning the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Well this year is primed for chalk. The ones and twos are extremely talented, and this year more than most that will have to be factored into decision making. Everyone, including myself, will talk themselves out of a 1-2, 1-2 Final Four, but this may just be the highest seeded finale that we’ve seen in some time. The separation between seeds is as high as I can remember, so don’t get too fancy or you may just second guess yourself out of some money.

These are just my initial reactions to the bracket release, but gut feelings tend to be your best bet. I can’t wait to see how many easy games I can talk myself out of, but best believe that I’ll share my thoughts every step of the way as we get into the Madness.

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