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Texas Upset by Abilene Christian and the People Are Asking if It’s the Worst Loss of March Madness

Photo courtesy Jamie Sabau – NCAA Photos


Abilene Christian did the unthinkable Saturday night as they took down third-seeded Texas for their first tournament win in school history. The final game in the Round of 64 didn’t disappoint as the Wildcats hit two clutch free-throws with 1.2 seconds left on the clock to give them a one-point lead. A failed full court inbound play from Shaka Smart’s Longhorns sealed the 53-52 upset.

This is undoubtedly a huge moment for the Abilene Christian team, and leaves them with a chance to truly cement themselves as a Cinderella team against UCLA in the Round of 32. Unfortunately for Texas, this game leaves a much different situation for Longhorn Nation, as it seems as though they are not, in fact, “back.”

Longhorns Quarterback Sam Ehlinger Following their 28-21 Sugar Bowl Victory Over Georgia

So, the question that some are asking now, “Is this the worst loss of March Madness thus far?”

It’s certainly not me who’s trying to circulate this question, but since someone has (anonymously) floated the idea around, let’s look into it with a fair, unbiased view. You know, it’s not every day that we see a 14/3 upset in the NCAA Tournament, and there is some merit behind the question in my eyes.

I mean, off the top of my head I can’t even begin think of anything comparable that has occurred this tournament season. Maybe the Ohio upset of the reigning (technically) National Champion Virginia Cavaliers, but even then you’re looking at a better seeding matchup in terms of understanding the Cavs loss.

Unfortunately for Texas, I think this has to be the answer to the question that I totally wasn’t the first one to ask. Without any other examples of a bad upset in this year’s tournament, it’s kind of a no-brainer in my eyes.

I do, however, think that we should give the Longhorns a break on this one. You know, anything can happen come March, so it’s not fair for us as a sports community to be too hard on Texas. Plus, their football program has been punishment enough as of late, so I vote that we all just ignore this loss and move on to the positive side of things; at least we have March Madness to enjoy this year after the mess that was 2020.

Some things are bigger than sports.

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