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Nico Collins, Who Has Never Beaten Ohio State, Says Talent Gap With Rival “Non-Existant”

Photo courtesy of Channel 2 WDTN

The perennial offseason National Champion Michigan Wolverines are running their mouths yet again. This time, we have former Wolverine receiver Nico Collins, who played with the team from 2017 through the 2019 season, speaking on the often spoken about “talent gap” between his alma mater and the rival Ohio State Buckeyes.

“It’s way closer,” Collins said. “I’d say the talent is the same kind of talent. I would say there’s not a difference between the two. Every time we play O-State, we know what kind of game it’s gonna be – it’s gonna be all four quarters. With the athletes they got and we got, I’d say we match up. They don’t have more athletes than we got. I feel like it’s pretty much equal or we pretty much have more than them. That’s it, man. Talent-wise, I’d say it’s pretty much equal. There wasn’t no advantage with them – none at all.”

In this quote, transcribed by Wolverines Wire, Collins asserts that there is no difference in talent between the Buckeyes and Wolverines. Now, this is a notion that no reasonable person in this world or the next could logically back up. But, just for kicks, let’s go along with this lunacy for just a second.

IF there is no talent gap between the two schools over Collins’ career, then why did your team lose by an average of 21 points in your 3 matchups, including a 56-27 romping in Ann Arbor. Coaching? A lack of heart from one side?

I think there’s something to be said for both of those, but to deny there being a talent gap is just ludicrous. Jim Harbaugh stinks out loud and should’ve been fired years ago, and the Buckeyes by every measurable take The Game more seriously, and have ever since Jim Tressel walked into Columbus. So please, Nico, do tell why your team was thoroughly dominated by the team that you were just as talented as.

Look, if Michigan is known for one thing, it’s running their mouths in the offseason and then letting their fanbase down on the gridiron. Last year it was the hype surrounding their now transferred QB, and the year before that the “Revenge Tour,” this is just another offseason talking point for Wolverine fans and media to drool over and they’ll end up just like usual, disappointed and ready to burn it all down.

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