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Can Anyone Give a Single Good Reason that Justin Fields is Being Big-Boarded As a Fourth-Round Pick?

Photo courtesy of Kevin C. Cox – Getty

I’m at my wits end with some of these draft “experts” on twitter and in the media. The salty Michigan and Georgia fans are one thing, and they know deep down that they’re just trolling for the heck of it.

What I do have a problem with, however, is the people who get paid millions of dollars to cover football who are either lying through their teeth in order to get some free publicity, or are genuinely awful at their jobs and should be fired on the spot. Well guess what? I’m about to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

I write this knowing full and well that 1. We’re all being baited at all times by click hungry media members who don’t believe 99% of the garbage that comes through their mouths, and 2. My thoughts on the draft likely won’t be making their way through an NFL front office any time soon, but I’ll explain to you why this has to be said.

I didn’t get into covering sports because I want to make hot-takes or blow up by playing a character like Skip Bayless or Stephen A. I did it because as a real sports fan, I understand that there’s nowhere near enough real coverage of the sports we know and love. So no, I don’t care about breaking through to guys like Gil who would run a tweet like this knowing good and well that there’s a near zero-point-zero percent chance that Fields slips out of the first round. To suggest there are teams in need of a QB that wouldn’t take a flyer on one of the best in college football last season.

I’ll have a full mock out in April, as well as positional rankings before that, but today is a perfect example of the lunacy that we’re dealing with when looking at Fields’ draft profile.

Now, for the sake of not throwing in the same pass twice from Wilson, I’m just going to use the tweet that Bucknuts contributor Jbook put out which includes both of the throws I’ll be talking about. The top video, taken yesterday at Wilson’s pro day, shows him making a pretty solid deep toss on air. The result? An uncontrollable outpouring of goos and gas from the media, clamoring that Wilson is the obvious second choice at QB in the draft and solidifies that fact.

Under it, we have two throws that Fields made in the CFP Semifinal against Clemson (both of which coming after he was speared in the ribs by James Skalski). While the caption provided was made in jest, there has been a disconnect between logical fans and those who have a no Ohio State QB will ever succeed mindset.

I’m not by any means saying Wilson, or Lance, or Jones, or any of the other guys that are being mocked ahead of Fields won’t work in the NFL (though I think a few will struggle at the next level). What I am saying is that the dishonesty when covering these guys has been clear as day, and anyone that says Wilson is a better QB than Fields isn’t basing that off any on-field performance.

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