2021 MLB Season Outlook | Playoff Projections

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For the final piece in my 2021 MLB Preview, we’re going to be taking a look at my projected Playoffs field. This is somewhat hypothetical as win totals aren’t going to be 100% accurate and injuries could completely sink a matchup or two, but what preview is complete without crowning a champion?

Wild Card Round

Rays (83-79) vs. A’s (87-75)

Rolls off the tongue nicely doesn’t it? This will be a close, low scoring game, but the Rays
will ultimately come away with the win on the backs of their stable. They will head to
NYC for a rematch of the 2020 ALCS against the Yankees.

Padres (97-65) vs. Nationals (91-71)

This is a great matchup that could’ve been an NLDS series if the NL wasn’t so stacked.
The Pads beat the Nats handily in this game and head to LA for a budding rivalry
matchup of powerhouses vs. the Dodgers in the NLDS.


Rays (83-79) vs. Yankees (101-61)

The Yanks get their revenge from last year and pummel the Rays on their way to a 3-
game sweep. The Rays still have the solid bullpen and staff, but the departures of
Morton, Alvarado and Curtiss come back to haunt them here. The Yankees are too deep
in every way to slip up like they did in 2020. After this slip up, Kevin Cash is put on a
really hot seat and might find himself jobless heading into 2022.

White Sox (94-68) vs. Astros (91-71)

The Asterisks make it an interesting series, but the White Sox utilize home field
advantage in Game 5 and send the Stros back to their trash cans. The Sox
head to New York for an ALCS matchup with their pinstriped brethren.


Dodgers (104-58) vs. Padres (97-65)

In the most shocking development of the Postseason so far, the Padres take the series
win over the Dodgers in 5 games! The Dodgers return to their previous Postseason woes
and get beat by the excellent San Diego pitching staff. Dave Roberts is put on the hot
seat, maybe undeservedly so, but ultimately won’t be let go. Trevor Bauer vilifies
himself again on Twitter with one of his classic rants and reminds MLB fans why he’s
among the most hated.

Braves (95-67) vs. Cardinals (91-71)

In a rematch of the 2019 NLDS, the Braves flip the script and handle the Cards relatively
easily to advance in 4 games. The Cards’ pitching staff simply can’t handle the Braves’
potent offense and struggle similarly on offense vs. the lights out staff the Braves bring
to the table. The Braves earn home field advantage in the NLCS, which proves to be


Yankees (101-61) vs. White Sox (94-68)

Once again, the Yanks take care of business and handle the White Sox. Although the Sox
make it somewhat interesting and take the series to 6 games, all that really does is allow
the Yanks to punch their World Series ticket in Yankee Stadium. The Sox are unable to
handle the Yankees’ offense and pitching staff now that they are both at full strength.
The Yanks overcome their recent Postseason woes and Aaron Boone is solidified as the
skipper for a good while.


Braves (95-67) vs. Padres (97-65)

In the most entertaining series of the Postseason, the Braves earn their World Series
berth in a brutal 7-game series. Fried and Anderson carry the pitching staff, winning all
four of their starts. This series could go either way, but I think the Padres need one more
year before they’re ready to punch their ticket to October baseball. Be patient San
Diego, not too long ago you were in the cellar of the NL West.

World Series

Yankees (101-61) vs. Braves (95-67)

In a classic World Series matchup, the Yankees earn their 28th title and finally end the
drought after 12 years in a 6-game series. I feel bad for the city of Atlanta, as this is now
the third time the Yanks have denied the Braves of a title. Maybe next year Braves. The
Braves’ pitching staff is exhausted from a long road to the World Series and are unable
to slow down the once again historic offense of the Yankees. This is where the all-
around depth of the Yankees’ roster really pays off. Was there ever really a question of
what would happen here?

World Series MVP: Gerrit Cole

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