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Justin Fields Slated For 2nd Pro Day, 49ers Expected to Actually Show Up For Their QB This Time Around

Photo curtesy of Kim Klement – USA Today Sports

With the NFL Draft quickly approaching, we’re seeing teams towards the top of the order ensure their ducks are all in a line. With the first two picks seemingly locked up, it’s time for the remainder of the field to prove their worth to potential NFL suitors.

One of the biggest names left in the pool is former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Fields came into last season as a consensus Top 2 pick, yet has mysteriously dropped despite a National Championship appearance, and a phenomenal Pro Day on March 30th.

Anyone who watched him at all during his time with the Buckeyes knows just how great he is, so it’s not surprising that doubters are starting to take a second look. Among those seem to be Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch of the San Francisco 49ers, who are expected to be in attendance.

Buckeye DB Shaun Wade was set to workout on the 14th as is due to his ongoing battle with a turf toe injury, so it’s not an entirely new event. Now, I went in depth on the results of the Pro Day in this article, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but I think this can only hurt Fields. In saying that, I recognize that Fields will likely perform just as well, if not better than his initial showing.

However, we’ve already seen a no good very bad Pro Day from one of the QBs who appeared in the National Championship game, so it is possible for someone to screw up throws on air. That’s right, the 49ers organization skipped out on Fields in order to watch Mac Jones stink it up for a second time down in Tuscaloosa. According to Shanahan, this workout was expected which gives a slight leeway, but any scout worth his salt who has watched both quarterbacks could tell you in a heartbeat that Fields is a better prospect.

With the Niners selecting 3rd, this is a chance for them to right the wrong of attending Jones’ Pro Day, and also see their QB of the future in person ahead of the upcoming draft. It seems impossible for them to screw up this pick, but then again we saw the Bears trade up for Mitchell Trubisky in 2017, so who knows what these franchises are seeing.

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